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Crystal Salt

We do it all for you!

Preventative Maintenance Contract

With our Preventative Maintenance Contract we do it all for you!  You don't have to touch a thing.  We bring the salt, check programming, change or clean out the injectors, run cleaners, disinfect the tanks, clean out the salt tank and so much more.  Our preventative maintenance contract keeps your machine running at peak performance for years to come. 

Call us today for details 386-848-5772.

Keeping your system healthy and running strong is so important!

Water systems have to be maintained to run properly.  We help you do that.  There are so many important parts to a water system and if they are not maintained correctly it can break down without you even knowing it.  People say to us all the time, "I put salt in it all the time."  That doesn't mean it is working.  If the injector is blocked with build up the system will still regenerate and use salt like clock work but none of that salt is getting to the media inside the tank to clean it, all the salt is going right down the drain.  Your system continues to build up impurities and it finally just stops working.  This can take years but you've been wasting so much money on salt and your machine hasn't been giving you the soft water you used to have.  Make sure you are protected, let us maintain your system and get the best results!

Crystal Salt


With our preventative maintenance contract we bring all the salt!  No more lugging large bags of salt home.  We do it for you!

5 Year All Parts/ All Labor Guarantee

If you buy a system from us and let us maintain it, we give you a 5 Year All Parts/ All Labor Guarantee.  This means if anything goes wrong we fix it and it costs you nothing.  You have to maintain your preventative maintenance contract for 5 consecutive years.*  Call us for details!

*Exclusions apply.

Crystal Salt

Preventative Maintenance Contracts Includes:

  • All salt up to 20 - 40 lbs per year

  • Injector checked quarterly.

  • Injector replaced or cleaned as necessary

  • Resin Clean 2x per year

  • Disinfection of system 1x per year

  • Complete system programming check tri-annually.

  • Salt tank maintenance

  • Water tests every visit

  • And so much more!

  • Call us for details. 

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