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Most Sensible Option 1

2 Tank City Water Treatment System

 Water treatment system water softener and carbon filter

Try our New and Improved Premium

Water Treatment System!


This water treatment system has an extra large carbon filtration tank with 3 different types of carbon to absorb Chlorine, Chloramine, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Scale Causing Agents and so much more!​

  • Extra large 2.5 cubic foot (cu. ft.) Carbon Filtration tank of Catalytic/Activated Carbon, CX Carbon, ST Carbon and KDF Cubes.  High grade carbon for high contaminant absorption rate.  Reduces not only Chlorine but Disinfection Byproducts and Forever Chemicals.  See for more information.

  • 1.5 cu. ft. of 10% Cross Link Chlorine Resistant Resin.  This is the water softener portion of the system.

  • These two tanks work together to soften and condition the water.

  • 5 Year All Parts All Labor Guarantee*

  • Package includes a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System with Alkaline Filter at your kitchen sink - No more  lugging home bottled water!

  • USA Manufacturer Warranty

  • Standard installation by factory- trained technicians. 

*If water treatment system is placed in garage/shed/cover and an Preventative Maintenance Agreement is maintained for 5 consecutive years from date of installation.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System at the kitchen sink with an Alkaline Filter for Alkaline Water

starting at
Total- $5,800.00
Without Reverse Osmosis
Total - $5,200.00

Clearly Sensible Option 2

1 Tank City Water Treatment System

Water treatment system with a water softener and a carbon filter in the same tank

Looking to save money but still want a great water treatment system?

See if our Mixed Bed Unit is right for you!

  • 2 cu. ft. tank Mixed Bed Water Treatment System with Catalytic/Activated Carbon and 10% Cross Link Chlorine Resistant Resin

  • Both media are placed in one water treatment tank and work together to soften and condition the water by reducing the Chlorine, Chloramine, Volatile Organic Chemicals & Scale Causing Agents

  • 5 Year All Parts All Labor Guarantee*

  • Package includes a Reverse Osmosis Drinking System with Alkaline Filter at your kitchen sink - No more  lugging home bottled water!

  • USA Manufacturer Warranty

  • Standard Installation by factory-trained technicians.

* If water treatment system is placed in garage/shed/cover and the Preventative Maintenance Agreement is maintained for 5 consecutive years from date of installation.

starting at
Total- $4,800.00
Without Reverse Osmosis
Total - $4,200.00

What is the difference between

Most Sensible Option 1


Clearly Sensible Option 2?

Both water treatment systems are water softeners and carbon filtration systems combined. The biggest difference between the two water treatment systems is contact time with the media inside the water tanks.  The more media your have in your water treatment system the more contact time your water has with the media and the more the media can remove from your water.  So, the Most Sensible Option 1 has more media and can remove more contaminants.  

In Most Sensible Option 1 The carbon filtration tank and the water softener are in two seperate tanks so the water softener can clean with salt water for contaminants removal from the water softener.  Carbon filtration media does not need cleaned with salt water.  


All in all both water treatment systems are great and we just need to decide which one best fits your needs!  Call us with any questions!

Sensible Add-ons

Reverse Osmosis
with Alkaline Filter


In an apartment or condo and can't get a whole house water system? 


You can still have the best water system right at your sink.  Our Reverse Osmosis systems are installed at your sink and can provide drinking water, so you can have bottled water right at your fingertips.  We add an alkaline filter to all our reverse osmosis drinking systems so you can have purified water with the minerals.  You can use our reverse osmosis water to drink, cook, make coffee, provide clean water for your pets, rinse your vegetables and so much more.  Makes up to 50 gals and day!  No more lugging home cases of bottled water!

Installation with Granite countertops

adds $100.00 per unit.

Total- $1,100.00
Includes installation

Reverse Osmosis Drinking System with an Alkaline Filter for Alkaline Water Mineral Water

Preventative Maintenance Contact



Keep your water treatment system in peak performance at all times!!

  • Includes up to 20 – 40 lbs. bags of salt a year

  • Tri-annual tune-ups.

  • Water test every four months

  • Resin Care twice per year

  • Disinfection of water treatment system at least once a year

  • And so much more!  Service with a Smile!

  • See our Preventative Maintenance Page for details.  Link at top of page.

Total- $375.00 Annually
Ask about our well water maintenance contracts


What can having a

Sensible Water Solutions

water treatment system do for you? 


Change your life at home.  Soft, healthier water for drinking, cooking, pets, baby bottles and so much more. No more spots, no more scale, no more soap scum.

Imagine soft smooth skin, soft manageable hair, soft towels and sheets, spot free glasses and utensils.  All of this using only 25% of the soap and cleaning products you do now because the water is so soft you don't need a lot of soap to get tons of bubbles and lather.  

Appliances with no scale that last longer and work better.  No more calcium build up on your appliances, shower fixtures, toilets or tubs.  Smooth, clean water in every pipe in your home!

Get your water treatment system today!


What can Sensible Water Solutions do for you if you have well water?

We specialize in all types of water treatment and water softeners.  If you have city water we have several water treatment systems available and the two most common are listed above.  But do you have well water, sulfur smells, iron stains, salt water intrusion?  We can help! One of our trained technicians will test your well water to see exactly what water treatment system you need.  Call and schedule an appointment today!


Use less soap!  With these water treatment systems and water softeners, you can save on the cost of buying soap frequently.  Use less when washing, bathing, showering, brushing your teeth, as well as doing dishes and laundry.


Enjoy softer and smoother skin.  Hair is silky and shinier.


Save money and protect your family with CLEAN WATER!



Locally owned and operated by Julie Guimond, Sensible Water Solutions, LLC has been open for business since 2012.  Julie has been in the water industry since 2005 and is a member of:

Water Quality Association

Florida Rural Water Association

Georgia Rural Water Association

American Water Works Association

Florida Water Quality Association 


Julie graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Medical Sciences with a concentration in chemistry.  One of her favorite phrases is “Follow the Chemistry.”  Water treatment is all about understanding the chemistry of water and what the actual needs of the client are according to the water test results.  Sensible Water Solutions builds YOUR system for YOUR needs based on YOUR water; we are not a one size fits all company.  Call us for a water to see what you need!  Water tests in your home are set for 30 minute appointments.  We understand your time is valuable and we appreciate that.  


When Sensible Water Solutions comes to your home, they test the water for the following right in front of you at your sink and give you the results for your records:

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)



Total Chlorine


The cities and counties here in Florida are doing an amazing job with your water according to the guidelines provided by the EPA and the budgets and infrastructure the municipality have available to them.  But EPA guidelines,, provide that all cities use chlorine or chloramine in the outgoing lines to disinfect the water going to you home and reduce the amount of disease-causing germs in the water as it travels through the pipes to your home.  Cities also do not remove the scales causing agents at the facility, so you have spots and hard water.  Again, cities and counties are doing and amazing job with your water but chlorine and scale are part of the water coming to your home.  


We at Sensible Water can help with the water in your home.  Sensible Water Solutions builds water treatment systems and water softeners to remove/reduce chlorine, chloramine, scale causing agents, volatile organic chemicals and so much more.  We also have Well System for sulfur, iron and salt intrusion.  Sensible Water Solutions has many kinds of systems to address all your water needs.  Call us today at 386-848-5772

SWS - Julie Equiptment.png

Won Best Water Treatment Company

In Flagler County 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Sensible Water Solutions has been recognized as "Best Water Treatment Company!"

Won Best of the Best

For Flagler County and Volusia County in 2019 and 2020 Sensible Water Solutions was recognized as "Best of the Best!"



Megan Farrell-Nelson

Julie is an expert in her field! She knows exactly what she’s talking about, which is so helpful when it comes to the water you’re consuming & using in all household activities. I never feel like I’m being sold. I highly recommend Sensible Water Solutions for your high quality water needs!


Warren R Shepherd

Julie and her son Andrew are great. They are always there if you need them. We have had our system for several years and have been very happy with the system and the service.


Michele Casper

Julie the owner is wonderful to work with. Her son Andrew did a great job getting our softener up to speed. Andrew communicated with the approximate time of arrival and always kept us posted. He is very nice and did what he said he would do. 
We are very happy with the service. 

Live better with better water

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